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Platinized Titanium Metal Anodes

Platinized Ti tubular anodes
Platinized Titanium wire anode
Platinized Titanium rod anodes
Platinized Titanium plate anode
Platinized Titanium mesh anode
Platinized Titanium strip anodes
Platinized Ti perforated anodes
Platinized Titanium probe anodes

Platinized Niobium Metal Anodes

Platinised Nb wire anode
Platinised Niobium rod anodes
Platinised Niobium plate anode
Platinised Niobium mesh anode
Platinised Niobium strip anodes
Platinised Niobium tubular anodes
Platinised Niobium perforated anode
Platinised Niobium probe anode

Platinized Zirconium Metal Anodes

Platinized Zr wire anodes
Platinized Zirconium rod anode
Platinized Zirconium plate anode
Platinized Zirconium mesh anode
Platinized Zirconium strip anodes
Platinized Zirconium tubular anodes
Platinized Zirconium perforated anodes

Platinized Tantalum Metal Anodes

Platinized Ta wire anode
Platinized Tantalum rod anodes
Platinized Tantalum plate anode
Platinized Tantalum mesh anode
Platinized Tantalum strip anodes
Platinized Tantalum tubular anodes
Platinized Tantalum perforated anodes

Platinum Anodes for Fuel Cells

  Platinum Fuel Cell Anode
Fuel cells generate electricity from hydrogen by means of simple electrochemical reaction. According to the nature of the electrolyte, several types of fuel cells are available but they are all based around a central design which consists of two electrodes (platinum anode & a cathode). These are separated by a solid or liquid electrolyte that carries electrically charged particles between the electrode (platinum anode & a cathode). Generally platinum anodes are used to speedup the reaction.
  platinum electrode
fuel cell schematic diagram
  Anode Reaction
H2 ---> 2H+ + 2e-

Cathode Reaction
O2 ---> 4H+ + 4e- ---> 2H2O

Overall Reaction
2H2 +O2 ---> 2H2O + energy
NESPL 's platinum anodes and platinized anodes are widely used in fuel cells.

Platinum anodes are having very good physical and chemical properties.

• platinum anode is having high corrosion resistance
• platinum anodes are having very good thermal conductivity
• platinum anode is having excellent catalytic nature

• Solid platinum anode for fuel cell
• Platinized titanium plate anode for fuel cells
• Platinised titanium mesh anode for fuel cell
• Titanium anode with platinum catalyst for fuel cells
• Platinized titanium perforated plate anode for fuel cell
• Platinized titanium metal anode
• Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC)
• Alkaline Fuel Cell (AFC)
• Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells (PAFC)
• Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells (MCFC)
• Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)
• Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFC)
• Regenerative Fuel Cells (RFC)

Precious metal plating anodes
Platinized anodes for gold plating
Decorative chrome plating anode
Platinized anode for PCB industry
Platinized anodes for silver plating
Platinised anode for copper plating
Platinized anode for instrumentation
Platinised anode for platinum plating
Rotogravure cylinder plating anodes
Platinized anodes for electrowinning
Platinized anodes for rhodium plating
Platinised anode for chromium plating
Platinised anode for sensing elements
Platinised special purpose electrodes
Platinised anode for cathodic protection
Platinized anodes (hard chrome plating)

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