Water Treatment & Electrolysis

The advent of titanium substrate electrodes, showed unparalleled performance and are used in many electrolysis industries. Our range of MMO Titanium anodes can be used for Chlorine evolution (chlor alkali membrane process) - the most important electrochemical reactions applied in industry. We supply complete range of titanium-based metal oxide coated anode (MMO) and Platinum plated Titanium anodes for water electrolysis (electrodialysis) and water disinfection (seawater treatment, process water treatment).

Chlor Alkali Process (Membrane Cell Process)

Mixed Metal Oxide Coated, Platinized Anodes for the production of chlorine, caustic soda solution and hydrogen

Anodes for Electro-Oxidation Reactors

MMO Titanium Anodes, Electrode assembly design for Residential, Domestic, Industrial Wastewater Treatment.

Anodes for Onsite Sodium Hypochlorite Generators

Electrodes and Anodes for new and retrofit Water Treatment electrochlorination systems

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