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Platinised anodes are manufactured with a titanium or niobium base structure, in the form of either expanded metal, sheet, rod, wire or tube. A thin coating of platinum or layer of platinum between 2 to 5 microns thick is maintained on these various shaped anodes made-ready for metal finishing at plating baths. These platinum coated-or-plated anodes posses the electro-chemical properties of platinum and behaves like platinum metal. Platinized plating anodes coating/ layer thickness ranges from minimum 1.5 µ & max 20 µ.

Platinized metal anodes are widely used as a critical part for various applications including - Hard chrome plating (piston rings, printing cylinders, etc.) - Precious and non- precious metal electroplating - Electronics and semiconductor industry - Chemical process engineering- Electroplating - Electro dialysis - Electroforming (Conforming anodes) - Electrochemical Sensing - Electro winning and Metal recovery (Refining of metals) - Electrolytic Regeneration of chromic acid - Electroplating for precious and base metals - Electrolytic recovery for precious and base metals - Sodium Hypochlorite production electrolytic cells - Electro synthesis of organic and inorganic chemicals - Cathodic Protection applications includes Impressed Current Cathodic Protection.

Platinum Anodes

Substrate Materials

Name Description Base Material
Platinized titanium anode (Pt-Ti) Platinum plated over Titanium
metal (Titanium Metal substrate) anode
Platinized niobium anode (Pt-Nb) Platinum plated over Niobium
metal (Niobium Metal substrate ) anode
**Platinum plated zirconium base metal Anodes, Platinum plated tantalum anodes are available for special applications.

Pt-Ti anode

Platinised titanium anodes

Platinised titanium (platinum coated/ layered titanium) anodes are recommended for use in the following electrolytic processes.

  • Precious metal electroplating - e.g. Au, Pt, Pd, Rh and Ru baths Non-ferrous metal electroplating - e.g. Ni, Cu, Sn, Zn and non-fluoride Cr baths.
** Platinised titanium anodes are not recommended for Chromium plating baths containing fluorides or F-content.

Pt-Nb anode

Platinised Niobium anodes

Platinised niobium (platinum coated/ layered Niobium-Nb) anodes are recommended for use in the following electrolytic processes.

  • Chrome plating baths with F-content.
  • Cathodic Protection against seawater environment.

We supply comprehensive range of anodes in geometries, bar, rod, spaghetti, cylinder, wire, grid/ mesh, round, square and custom to complement wide range of electro-chemical processes.


- Electro dialysis - Electroforming (Conforming anodes) - Water Treatment & Electrolysis - Electro winning and Metal recovery (Refining of metals) - Electrolytic Regeneration of chromic acid - Precious Metal Electroplating - Sodium Hypochlorite production - Electro synthesis - Impressed Current Cathodic Protection


  • Long operating life; maintenance-free.
  • Economical (low platinum requirements for layering / coating)
  • High dimensional stability and load resistance.
  • Good current distribution.
  • High corrosion resistance.
  • Light weight