Metal Plating & Surface finishing

Anodes for precious metal plating (gold, Rhodium, Platinum and Palladium) as well as base metal plating (copper, nickel, hard chrome and decorative chrome), Gold Electroforming, PCB, Semiconductor industries gold and copper plating.

Anodes for Hard Gold Plating for Edge Connectors

Special Purpose Anodes for PWB E-Connector Gold Plating / PCB Gold Fingers hard gold plating

Lab Anodes - experimental, small scale

Platinum Plated Titanium Lab Anode for Gold Plating or gold jewel plating on small scale.

Gravure Printing Cylinder Plating

Insoluble anodes for Rotogravure cylinder plating baths with Copper Plating Solution or Chrome Plating...

Trivalent chromium plating

MMO Titanium Anodes for decorative chrome plating applications

Electro tinning

Tinning by electroplating - Anodes for tin coating of Steel Strips as well as superior protection against...

High Speed Electrogalvanizing

MMO Titanium anode fabrication and MMO recoat services for electrogalvanized steel coating. Anodes for...

Jewelry Electroplating

Anodes for jewelers to electroplate jewelry - Gold Electroplating, Rhodium, Palladium, Silver, Rose Gold...

Hard Chrome Plating Anodes

Dimensionally Stable Platinum Coated Anodes for Surface finishing Industries with shorter downtimes and...

Copper foil plating / Manufacturing

Special Anodes to develop innovative electrolytic coatings to produce ultra-thin copper foil.

Printed Circuit Board Plating

Platinum Special Anodes for Through-hole Plating, fully metallized plated thru-holes

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