Platinum Plated Titanium Lab Anodes are ideal for use in the lab or small plating set-up as primary or for additional anode area.

Platinised titanium anodes for gold plating
MMO Titanium Anodes

Platinum plated titanium anodes are designed for electroplating solutions which include:

  • Rhodium Plating Solution
  • Pure Gold Plating Solution
  • TriVal - Acid Gold Strike

Titanium is quite inert and will not negatively affect and contaminate most solutions. The porous nature of the platinum deposit the titanium substrate will come into contact with the solution, this may cause anodization of the titanium substrate in which case the electrical conductivity between the substrate and the solution will be maintained by the platinum coating.

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  • Scientific Lab
  • Research Study


  • Readily Available
  • MMO / Platinum Coating