Titanium ribbon substrate coated with a Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) catalyst. Mixed Metal Oxide ribbon anodes are designed for use on both newly constructed above ground storage tanks with secondary containment liners, and existing tanks utilizing double-bottom construction.

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) is an economical method for controlling corrosion on above ground storage tank bottoms. The anodes are composed of a titanium ribbon substrate coated with a Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) catalyst which remains dimensionally stable over time. Direct current transfer is accomplished through the mixed metal oxide catalyst which is highly conductive, and fully oxidized so that higher current outputs are possible.

With MMO Titanium Ribbon Anodes, spacing between the metal anode strips can be adjusted to achieve various design life requirements. The anode can also be easily cut so that placement may be made under all areas of the tank. Unlike other impressed current tank bottom anodes, ribbon anodes do not require coke breeze. They can be used in sand with various levels of moisture and salt content, and can be designed to provide effective protection for more years.


  • above ground storage tanks


  • Low consumption rate
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintain cost
  • Stable and Economy
  • Effective and environmental
  • Long working life