NES offers MMO-coated Titanium anodes in the form of disk anodes, elliptical anodes and linear anodes capable of handling currents from 25-amps to 175-amps.

Marine Anodes
Ship flanged Anodes
MMO Disc anodes for ship hull protection

The ICCP anodes are generally flush mounted on the hull or even if surface mounted are very few in number thereby reducing structural loading as compared to sacrificial anode. Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems are the technologically advanced and long-term solution to corrosion problems and is regarded as a superior alternative to sacrificial anode systems. The insoluble anode can be either platinum, platinized titanium or any other inert elements.

NES offers Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) anodes, designed to give predictable corrosion protection and low maintenance cost.

For large vessels, ICCP systems are a more cost efficient corrosion prevention method. The output is determined by the system’s reference cell measurements, which guarantees sufficient protection levels at all times. The most important feature of an ICCP system is the ability to continuously monitor the level of protection and adapt to the current required to avoid corrosion.

Anode Products and Services

  • MMO Epoxy Resin Disc Anodes-Recessed Type with Cofferdam and Double plate.
  • MMO Flat flanged Plate anodes
  • MMO Flat Strip anodes


  • Ship hulls
  • ballast tanks
  • pipelines
  • Condenser


  • Smooth surface, no extra drag
  • Flexibility
  • Light for large displacement vessels
  • Long life time
  • No welding requirements