Electrodes : Anodes & Cathodes

Titanium Anode Basket for electroplating, anodizing

Reliable electroplating component for gentle & enduring excellence in finish

Impressed current cathodic protection ICCP Anodes for Ships

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection systems for ships - designed to fit future demands for ship systems.

Platinum anodes for sensors, sensing element

Best sensor solution for your temperature sensing needs and analyzing applications

Electrolytic Metal Recovery

Mixed Metal Oxide anodes, Platinized Titanium, niobium anodes for electro-refining base metals (Cu, Sn, Ni...

Chlor Alkali Process (Membrane Cell Process)

Mixed Metal Oxide Coated, Platinized Anodes for the production of chlorine, caustic soda solution and hydrogen

Reference Electrodes for Cathodic Protection Systems

Copper Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Silver Chloride Reference Anodes

Anodes for Electro-Oxidation Reactors

MMO Titanium Anodes, Electrode assembly design for Residential, Domestic, Industrial Wastewater Treatment.

Anodes for Onsite Sodium Hypochlorite Generators

Electrodes and Anodes for new and retrofit Water Treatment electrochlorination systems

Electrowinning Anodes

Metal Extraction Anodes for Base metal, Precious metal Mining and Metal Recovery

Mixed Metal Oxide Ribbon Anode

Corrosion control MMO Titanium Anodes (ICCP anodes) for above ground storage tanks

MMO Titanium Rod Anodes

Iridium based Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Rod Anodes for impressed current cathodic protection

Probe anodes

ICCP Probe anodes in MMO Titanium, Platinized Titanium, Platinised Niobium materials

MMO Titanium Wire Anodes

Mixed Metal Oxide anodes for Internal pipe protection, external pipe protection, Water tanks, Lock Gates,...

MMO Mesh Anodes / Ribbon Mesh Anodes

MMO Coated expanded titanium mesh anodes for stopping corrosion for reinforced structures.

Gravure Printing Cylinder Plating

Insoluble anodes for Rotogravure cylinder plating baths with Copper Plating Solution or Chrome Plating...

MMO Titanium Tubular Anode

Mixed Metal Oxide anodes for Salt, Fresh or Brackish Water,Marine, Well and Internal Applications

Trivalent chromium plating

MMO Titanium Anodes for decorative chrome plating applications

Electro tinning

Tinning by electroplating - Anodes for tin coating of Steel Strips as well as superior protection against...

High Speed Electrogalvanizing

MMO Titanium anode fabrication and MMO recoat services for electrogalvanized steel coating. Anodes for...

Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Titanium Anodes

MMO Coated Titanium Anodes for electrochemical applications

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

Pipelines, storage tanks, and steel reinforced concrete structures corrosion control MMO Coated Titanium ICCP...

Jewelry Electroplating

Anodes for jewelers to electroplate jewelry - Gold Electroplating, Rhodium, Palladium, Silver, Rose Gold...

Hard Chrome Plating Anodes

Dimensionally Stable Platinum Coated Anodes for Surface finishing Industries with shorter downtimes and...

Platinized Metal anodes : Pt Ti, Pt Nb anode

Platinized Anodes for Electrowinning, Metal Recovery, ICCP, Metal Plating, Water Treatment and Electrolysis