SAY GOODBYE TO ODORS – Eliminate your water heater Tank odor problem by removing the rotten egg smell with our advanced powered titanium anode rod.

Sacrificial anodes such as magnesium or aluminum rod are the most common type anodes used in Water heaters or water tanks. It is obvious that these sacrificial anodes have short longevity and they emit smelly odor.

PROLONG WATER HEATER LIFE: The anode rod is a crucial part of every water heating system that helps prolong the lifespan of the Water Heater and enhances performance to provide reliable long-lasting use.

SAY GOODBYE TO ODORS – Eliminate your water heater odor problem by removing the rotten egg smell caused by hydrogen sulfide with our advanced powered titanium anode rod.

PERMANENT CORROSION PROTECTION – Designed to replace your water heater’s hex head anode rod, it can help defend against any level of water hardness. Replacing sacrificial anodes with a powered anode rod in water heater which does not react with the water and also prevents unpleasant rotten-eggs odor. Dimensionally stable anodes relies on power being fed into the anode. The flow of current imposes the reaction rather than relying on natural electrolysis. Whereas sacrificial anode is consumed more rapidly in softened water and needs a periodic replacement after two or three years of usage or the water quality.

LONG LASTING QUALITY: Made using corrosion resistant Titanium with activated coatings provide long-lasting use and collect contaminants from water heater; this powered Titanium heater anode rod lasts longer and provides better performance when compared to aluminum or magnesium heater anode rods.

NES manufactures powered Titanium anode rod for water heater using Grade1 or Grade2 Titanium anode rod coated with ruthenium Iridium and other noble metal mixed oxide whose operating life can last 10 years without replacement. This non-consumable dimensionally stable powered Titanium anode rod provides a controlled release of electrons that negatively charge the water heater or water tank and its components and prevents the occurrence of rust (corrosion).

REPLACEMENT ANODES FOR WATER HEATERS: This water heater tank corrosion prevention rod is compatible with most Water Heaters. It’s easy to install and replace and provides reliable use.

We supply powered Titanium anode rods for Water Heater manufacturers as well to make it easier for you to switch it when the time comes.


  • Water heater
  • Water tank


  • Longer operating life
  • Prevents or Stop tank corrosion
  • Permanently eliminates rotten egg smell in water
  • Easy installation
  • No maintenance