Platinum based plating anodes have become the primary choice in copper-via-filling and mSAP electrodeposition processes for manufacturing both HDI printed circuit boards and semiconductor substrates.

PCB Gold Plating anodes
PCB Semiconductor Gold Plating Platinized anodes

Platinum-Platinized Titanium anodes for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Plating refers to the electrochemical process by which a metal is deposited onto the surface of the circuit board, and inside the plated through-holes. The most common plated metal in PCB fabrication is copper or a thin layer of nickel, tin, gold or alloy coating. PL-ATMA® for PCB Plating serves two purposes, it increases the thickness of the surface pads and conductors as well as providing a robust connection from layer to layer through the plated through-holes. The design of insoluble Platinized titanium anode ensures the uniformity of current distribution and control the effective additive consumption.

PCB Plating

Modern PCBs continue to advance, resulting in smaller, lighter electronics that maintain maximum functionality and speed. To help improve functionality while also maintaining structural integrity, plating PCBs with a metallic finish has become a priority. Of all the plating options available, Pt-anodes provides the greatest number of benefits while keeping processing and material costs relatively low. Pt Plated / Platinized Titanium anodes are often used for lead-free results and offers a high quality finish and low-cost option with good solderability.

  • PCB RPP Copper Plating Anodes.
  • PCB VCP DC Copper Plating Anode.
  • PCB Gold Plating Anodes
  • Semiconductor Plating Anodes

Pt anodes is your best-in-class solution for PCB plating and surface finishing. With decades of experience in electrochemical technology, we have manufactured and supplied Pt anodes Platinised anodes for Prinited Circuit Board plating for almost every leading technology company – and we’ve worked with industries all over the world.

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Anodes Products and Services

  • Mixed metal oxide (MMO) coated titanium anodes
  • Platinised anode (titanium based or niobium based optional)
  • Recoating of anodes


  • PCB VCP DC Copper Plating
  • PCB RPP Copper Plating
  • PCB Gold Plating
  • Semiconductor Plating


. Uniform plating distribution and excellent throwing power
. Improved plating bath life with stable performance
. Less bath maintenance by reducing toc
. Extremely low additive consumption without membrane
. Long service life and elimination of anode maintenance
. Increased equipment productivity by high current density operation