Noble Eco Systems has been a process developer and manufacturer of innovative electrochemical systems serving a global marketplace and continues at the forefront of electrochemical technology with onsite hypochlorite production plants, sodium hypochlorite generating cells and systems, serving the process industries, life sciences, and the water and waste-water needs of industry and communities around the world.

NEPL offers titanium electrodes for water treatment, the coating can be ruthenium Iridium, iridium tantalum, platinum or mixed metal oxides. With expert engineers, we can customize the MMO coating, service life to meet your specific working condition.

Water Treatment Anodes

The mixed metal oxide (MMO) titanium coated electrodes perform the electro catalytic function and are essential for production of chlorine through electrolysis. MMO anodes are the core functional unit assembled inside electrolysers integrated to a electro chlorination systems which generates chlorine-based disinfectant from either delivered food-grade salt or seawater.

NESPL offers anode/ electrode assembly replacement spare parts and technical service support to existing electrochlorination plants and batch operated sodium hypochlorite systems. ATMA® MMO Titanium anodes are often used for water disinfection which delivers germ free, algae free water and prevents biofouling.

Anodes Products and Services

  • ATMA® MMO coated Titanium anodes for Seawater Electrolysis - Marine Growth Prevention Systems.
  • ATMA® Mixed Metal Oxide Titanium anodes / electrodes for both Once through electrochlorinators and batch operated electrochlorination systems.
  • Platinum plated or MMO titanium coated electrodes, electrolyzers or electrode spares for electrochlorinators for ballast water treatment.
  • ATMA® MMO coated Titanium anodes for Process water treatment / seawater cooled process water treatment.
  • Direct replacements of Electrodes and Anode Refurbishment.

We Supply electrode assembly / Anodes for various electro chlorination purposes

Types of Anodes, Electrode Assembly (Bipolar, Monopolar) Offered

  • Parallel Plate Electrolyzer anodes / assembly.
  • Concentric Tubular Electrolyser anodes / assembly.
  • Disc Electrolyzer anodes
  • Mesh Plate Electrolyzer anodes.


  • Marine Growth Prevention Systems
  • Biofouling Control, Process Water Treatment
  • Coastal / Offshore, Seawater Treatment
  • Swimming Pool, Salt water Pool Electrochlorination Systems
  • Aquaculture water treatment Systems


  • Easy Replacement
  • Ready available spares
  • Reduced down time
  • Reduced capital investment
  • Enhanced life similar to new
  • Replacement spares for all top brands