MMO Titanium anodes used for High-speed Lines- in modern coating lines (vertical, horizonal, radial cell designs) offers improved performance and applies thinner uniform coatings. ATMA® Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Titanium insoluble anodes have been largely adopted worldwide by leading producers of electrogalvanized steel.

High Speed Electrogalvanizing (EGL) Anodes

Galvanized steel are used as a corrosion resistant material in automotive applications and its popularity results from low cost and effective corrosion resistance in traditional applications for roofing, agricultural equipment, garbage cans, and guard rails.

Lead and lead oxide particles can co-deposit with zinc and may adversely affect the properties of the galvanized steel. For this reason dimensionally stable anodes with metal oxide coatings are the highly preferred anodes for high speed electrogalvanized steel coatings (Zinc-Coated Steels).

Anode Material: Titanium
Anode Coating: Mixed Metal Oxide
Shape: Plate / Custom Tailored


Offer anodes for vertical, horizonal, radial type steel electrogalvanization cell designs.


  • Uniform Zinc Coatings
  • Replacements for existing Cell
  • Non Corrosive Substrate Materials
  • Flexible Designs