Gravure printing, due to several technological innovations, now belongs to innovative technologies. The market of packaging materials is the largest segment of gravure printing, and a further increase is forecast. Plating of fine chromium structure over Rotogravure cylinders or Gravure printing rollers protects the engraved copper deposits and the cylinder from wear caused by paper and grit abrasion under normal conditions during press runs of any length. Thus enabling the cylinder to print in clearer, sharper lines for the long run with greater corrosion resistance.

Rotogravure Cylinder Plating anodes
Rotogravure Cylinder Plating Platinized anodes

Gravure printing Cylinder Plating Anodes are offered for Plating baths wherein the plating solution is a copper plating solution or a chromium plating solution. Rotogravure plating anodes can be used to form a layer of Copper printing surface and can also be used for applying chromium deposits which protect the engraving and improves the performance through several press runs without contaminating the bath. We offer Platinised Titanium (Pt Ti) anodes for full range of sizes up to any barrel lengths.

Rotogravure Cylinder Plating Anodes

Electroplating a rotogravure cylinder consists a plating bath with a pair of anode chambers in a long box shape, in which insoluble anodes (Platinum plated anodes) are provided upright slidably to both sides of the gravure cylinder. A current is supplied between an insoluble anode and the gravure cylinder forming a cathode, whereby copper or chrome layer is applied.

Anode Products and Services

  • Platinum Plated Anodes
  • Mixed Metal Oxide Coated Titanium Anodes
  • Anode refurbishment
  • Anode Replacement


  • Gravure Cylinder Copper Plating
  • Rotogravure cylinder Chrome Plating


  • Long Service Life
  • Easy to Install
  • Uniform Layer Thickness
  • Proven Performance
  • Easily replaceable