Electrodialysis is used together with ion exchange and activated carbon to produce ultra-pure water for the electronics and pharmaceutical industries.

Electrodialysis MMO Titanium Anodes membrane
Electrodialysis MMO Titanium Plate Anodes
Electrodialysis Process Plate Anodes
Electrodialysis MMO Titanium Anodes

Our range of ATMA® Activated Titanium anodes for Electrodialysis (ED) processes have been used widely on commercial scale and various applications includes water desalination and salt pre-concentration, water softening, for generating electro dialytic energy and for recovering acid and base. We supply Mixed metal oxide anodes for ED and EDR used in municipal water and wastewater treatment plants and for desalination of brackish water and reclaimed water.

ATMA® MMO coated or platinized anodes currently have the highest performance on the market and can be applied in a variety of processes from the purification of organic solutions. We supply wide range of anodes with special coating for different current density and life requirements. According to different electrolyte and feed liquid system we supply Electrodialysis - ED anodes which is unique on the market and provides the lowest operating costs.

Anode Products and Services

  • Platinum plated and MMO coated electrodes
  • Engineering customized electrode
  • Electrode design for different electrolyte and feed liquid system


  • Ultra pure water preparation by continuous electrodeionization (EDI)
  • Electro-dialysis reactor (ED/EDR)
  • Desalination of seawater and brackish water


  • Recover valuable electrolytes or acids from rinsing baths in metal (surface) treatments.