The process of thinly coating sheets of iron or steel is known as tin-plating that prevents rust and oxidation. Tinplate is used for making all types of containers such as food cans, beverage cans, and artistic cans. Its applications are not limited to containers. Tinplate has also been used for making electrical machinery parts and many other products.

We supply anodes for continuous electro-tinning line which gives higher outputs of tinplate with superior quality and at lower production cost. ATMA® anodes offers you the controlled plating process with no rough porous deposits result. Also there is no necessity for frequent renewal of these dimensionally stable anodes.

ATMA® MMO Titanium anodes provides you the needful solution for recent tin plating formulations based on methane-sulphonic acid that are gaining acceptance because the solutions require simple waste treatment, contain no fluorides or boron, and are less corrosive.


  • aerospace
  • food packaging
  • electronics
  • telecommunications
  • jewelry manufacturing


  • uniform product quality
  • Anodes for Methane Sulfonic Acid bath (MSA) or in Phenol Sulfonic Acid bath (PSA)
  • excellent plating performance
  • No Frequent renewal