In recent years, the demand for copper foil has been surging for electronic products including mobile phones, digital cameras, and IT devices.

Copper foil Fabrication

In an electrodeposited copper manufacturing process, the copper foil is deposited on a titanium rotating drum from a copper solution where it is connected to a DC voltage source. The cathode is attached to the drum and the anode is submerged in the copper electrolyte solution. When an electric field is applied, copper is deposited on the drum as it rotates at a very slow pace.

The use of dimensionally stable anodes (mixed metal oxide-coated, or MMO-coated, titanium mesh) produces a consistent and reproducible plated product, is environmentally friendly (eliminates waste), and eliminates anode maintenance, thus increasing the productivity of the plating line. ATMA® MMO Titanium anodes allow operation under varied operating conditions to produce a full range of quality foils and thickness (including ultra-thin foil), covering many applications:

MMO Titanium anodes plays a very important role in the copper thickness distribution on the surface, yields good and consistent copper thickness distribution.


  • Electronics
  • PCB Manufacturing


  • Plug & Play system
  • Fully automated
  • Instant start/stop operation
  • small foot print
  • Low operating cost
  • Requires low power
  • No chemicals required